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Guava leaves for toothache: Guava leaves had been used for toothache for years, not simply nowadays. Actually, those leaves have the assets of decreasing teeth decay, doing away with inflammation and preserving the tooth healthful. These leaves have antibacterial and antiinflammatory residences, that are helpful in killing bacteria inside the enamel and removing irritation. So, the query is: a way to use guava leaves for enamel and what are their blessings.
For tooth, you can make a paste via grinding guava leaves or you may use its extract. For this, you have to do the subsequent:

Take some fresh guava leaves.
Take some pipli and cloves.
Add a touch salt to it as properly.
Now grind all these on a cob.
Now practice this coarse paste to your tooth
Benefits of guava leaves in toothache

1. Antibacterial

You can use this antibacterial paste to do away with toothaches. Also, you may use its extracts. Along with killing the micro organism in the enamel, it also neutralises the worms in the teeth. In this manner, it is helpful in reducing toothaches.
2. Rich in anti-inflammatory properties
Whether it’s miles guava leaf or lengthy pepper, each are wealthy in anti-inflammatory houses. These lessen the pain by way of lowering the inflammation of the tooth. Apart from this, it additionally reduces the contamination inside the surrounding place, because of which the ache of the enamel decreases. So, apprehend this home cure and strive it when you have a toothache.

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