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How became the enjoy inside the Bigg Boss house?
It became an exciting experience. Sometimes it turned into a pleasure ride and at times it changed into quite irritating. But it was one helluva experience. All in all, BB7 is a combined bag of emotions.

What have you ever learnt in these 3 months?
I actually have learnt that I can preserve my staying power for a long term. In those 3 months, my persistence has been retested and I actually have learnt that I can control my temper.

What became the maximum irritating component within the residence?
The maximum frustrating component in the residence became whilst humans commenced ganging up towards me. There had been situations that would be dealt with intelligently however yet the housemates usually made me a sufferer. For example, once while there was a mid-week eviction and there were 4 folks who wanted to depart the house but the inmates voted me out. Such things was once pretty irritating.

Were you upset that you had been evicted just 3 days earlier than the finale?
No. I’m quite glad that at least I made it to Top 5. And the type of love and appreciation I’m receiving is implausible. I’m feeling quite loved right now. It’s so beautiful that I’m hearing good things about myself from different human beings and even on line there’s so much interest going on, in order that itself is an success.

Your tackle Tanisha-Armaan?
Oh! They’re close pals. They have always stood for each different and I hope that their near friendship takes the next step.

What approximately Gauhar-Kushal?
Gauhar has also constantly supported Kushal and Kushal has even confessed his love for Gauhar. But I don’t get it how can a person fall in love in three months? But in the event that they’re in love, I’m glad for them.

Salman Khan always supported you… what do you’ve got to mention about it?
If it weren’t for Salman Khan, I wouldn’t be within the residence. He is such a awesome person and so grounded. He is like an elder brother to me.

One buddy you’ve made inside the residence?
Shilpa Saklani.

According to you who should win Bigg Boss 7?
Sangram or Tanisha, I love both of them.

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