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Ahead of his Best Foreign Film and Best Song win for Naatu Naatu at the twenty eighth version of the Critics Choice Awards, Rajamouli spoke to the international book The Hollywood Reporter about RRR’s dream run at the global award occasions to date. The latter bagged the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Director and a Best Original Song – Motion Picture Golden Globe for Naatu Naatu.

However, Rajamouli expressed his sadness about RRR not being selected as India’s reputable Oscar entry this 12 months.

When asked if he feels frustrated, Rajamouli stated, “Yeah, it’s miles disappointing. But we are not the type of individuals who would sit down and brood approximately why it didn’t show up. What has befell has occurred and we must pass ahead with it. But I am satisfied because it (Chhello Show) is also an Indian film and it has additionally been shortlisted for the Oscars. I’m pretty happy approximately it. Of path, all and sundry knew RRR had a much bigger hazard. Here (within the US) all people felt RRR had a larger danger.”

Rajamouli turned into additionally requested approximately the 2013 film The Lunchbox, which wasn’t submitted for the International Feature Film class at the Oscars both, no matter many speculating that it changed into the sure-shot winner that 12 months. The director stated, “I don’t recognize the committee (FFI – which selects India’s Oscar access) or the guidelines of the committee. I don’t realize how they do the stuff. I don’t recognize that and I can’t touch upon it. What I clearly experience bad approximately for is The Lunchbox. For me, I don’t make movies for essential acclaim. I make movies for cash and I make movies for the audiences. RRR is a business movie, and as soon as my film commercially does nicely, I’m very happy with it. And awards are an extension to it.”

He continued, “It is for the tough work that my unit installed and I’m happy for that. But for The Lunchbox, it’s miles specific. It is one of a kind and it might were a splendid achievement for India. And it isn’t only for The Lunchbox – however for lots filmmakers and lots of movies that could find encouragement to inform their tales to the world. So that’s a large possibility misplaced. I sense very terrible for that.” When asked if he idea RRR’s many wins will make the committee rethink its choice technique, Rajamouli answered, “Hopefully”.

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