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An outspoken Japanese entrepreneur and social media star says he suffered big losses whilst he invested $29 million in crypto – and has cautioned fans to tread carefully within the crypto markets to avoid similar losses.

In a YouTube video published to his channel on March 1, Yuta Misaki, the 31-year-vintage founding father of Media Hearts, claimed that he had sold tens of millions of USD well worth of Bitcoin (BTC) on the pinnacle of the market. But he stated he turned into left out of pocket whilst market costs began to tumble.

He referred to as the $29 million investment a “guess” that had long gone incorrect – and on Twitter categorized it “the gamble of the century.”

Misaki is called “The Green Juice Prince” in Japan. He managed to build a fortune by means of advertising aojiru (kale or barleygrass) juice to younger female customers. The drink is historically loved by using older Japanese people. But Misaki managed to create a business empire around the belief of promoting the product as a weight-reduction plan aid for younger women.He has also constructed up a big social media following – and has nearly a million YouTube subscribers and 1.5 million Twitter fans.

In the video, which he entitled “mental crumble,” Misaki defined that he had lately made “a earnings of several hundred million yen” with an preliminary coin purchase. But he appears to have accompanied this up with a more substantial (and much much less successful) try to make cash in the marketplace.However, he claimed that he “nevertheless” held “positions” in crypto, and changed into hopeful of making a turnaround have to the marketplace get better to 2021 levels.

Misaki established Media Hearts in 2007 and, through the early 2010s, started out turning full-size profits. But in 2019, he suffered an sudden blow while tax government raided his company over suspicions of tax evasion.

Misaki became found to have evaded paying a few $1.Sixty three million worth of taxes – and become arrested at the side of two business enterprise executives.

He these days launched a first-rate-promoting e-book chronicling his meteoric upward push to reputation and fortune.

Followers expressed their sympathy for Misaki. One wrote on YouTube that they’d additionally suffered “large” crypto losses, even as some other claimed that they “pass crazy” when they begin to make investments.

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