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While one is wowing the target audience with her acting chops, the opposite is ruling the hearts of his listeners through his evocative songs. Mrunal Thakur and Guru Randhawa recently collaborated at the video of the song Aise na chhoro. Mrunal, who had her palms full doing dramatic roles in movies like Dhamaka and Jersey decided that doing a music video could provide an escape from the each day habitual of the sets. Guru came on to the task looking to do a music, which required him to carry a side of him that hadn’t been explored earlier than. We caught up with the duo submit the discharge of their song video, which became shot amidst the snow-clad beauty of Kashmir.
Guru Randhawa: Bhushan Kumar sent the music to me and I cherished it, it was some thing new for me.
I recorded the track and later they told me that Mrunal might be becoming a member of the team for the video.
I knew she’s a consummate performer so from that day I began sharpening my performing abilities. (Laughs) I took acting instructions for six months as I turned into scared that nobody might observe me in front of her. Then later I was informed the video could be shot in Kashmir, so then I began prepping for the bloodless.

Mrunal Thakur: Let me inform you, the shot inside the track wherein we’re on foot toward the church, became the first time we met each other.

GR: Doesn’t it look so natural? (Laughs) See that’s artwork.

MT: That’s the thing with Guru, he is easy to work with. I simply brought myself to him at that factor and idea that k, it’ll be a splendid journey shooting with him. He asked me if I was feeling cold, so I told him, in my head, I am taking pictures in Rajasthan. Because that’s the factor if you hold wondering it’s cold, you’ll feel colder.

We have heard a lot about actresses capturing inside the snow sporting a chiffon saree. Mrunal, you are visible sporting a sleeveless gown inside the tune video within the center of dense snow, while Guru is wearing a tuxedo…

GR: It changed into really hard on her. I may want to sense it due to the fact I was wearing a suit and footwear and nonetheless I turned into bloodless. And she changed into most effective wearing that gown. No doubt she looked stunning, but it was difficult.

MT: The crew was quite beneficial. They made certain they covered us with jackets and woolens as soon because the director said reduce. Day one turned into pretty hard. (Laughs) So I even carried a blanket from the inn afterward.

GR: This is the reason humans love artistes. Because we sacrifice so much to carry this kind of amusement to the target market. They are definitely doing it for themselves too, but it’s far for the target market to consume ultimately. There are so often that the target audience connects with the artiste because of a individual, a line or a film that they do. They shower us with a lot love and that is the purpose, we sacrifice a lot to carry something that could touch their heart.

MT: Exactly. Our call instances were 3:00 am and a pair of:00 am and we wonder why we’re doing this. But it’s miles our love towards performing or acting that connects with the target market, which drives us. See, in the past too actresses have danced inside the snow carrying chiffon sarees. After looking they all all my lifestyles, I went to Switzerland on my first experience, thinking that I may also roam around in whatever I felt like sporting. That’s after I realised how bloodless it became. Hats off to all the ladies who have danced within the snow without proper iciness wear.

Was this the first time in Kashmir for the two of you? What changed into the revel in of capturing there like?

MT : I were there two or 3 times however it become snowing for the primary time.

GR : I’d never experienced a blizzard, so it turned into any such surreal experience for me too. I’d seen Switzerland earlier than, but I think Kashmir is greater beautiful. Sometimes humans don’t recognize something which is so close to domestic. But I feel Kashmir is manner greater stunning and homely than Switzerland. We look ahead to taking pictures many greater movies and films in Kashmir.

MT : And the food over there… When we reached, this lovable drink was served to us called Kahva. It changed into so true I continually requested for refills. When it involves food, I even have eaten a lot in Kashmir. It was a lot amusing I certainly want to move returned soon.

Was there time to move around the area and discover post % up?

MT : So there has been this area in Gulmarg where they educate you how to ski. I’m going there in February with my girl gang to study skiing. This is something I couldn’t do in the course of the shoot however I’ll truly
attempt it in February.

GR : The last day whilst we were leaving from there, it started out snowing massively. Like vehicles had to be stopped and we needed to expand our ride by means of a day.

MT : Also, we weren’t getting any inns so we were just available attempting to find lodges. It was quite an experience.

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