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Just like us, Hania Aamir and Farhan Saeed are also feeling emotional after their serial Mere Humsafar came to an quit on Thursday. Grateful for all of the love showered for their characters, Hala and Hamza, respectively, Hania and Farhan took a bow and bid goodbye to the Qasim Mureed directorial.

Aamir penned a observe of thank you for everyone for no longer simplest making Mere Humsafar a achievement for the whole crew but additionally fulfilling a special dream of hers to offer her lovers – the ‘Hanians’ – a performance they would enjoy and in no way overlook. “When we started out operating on this challenge we ought to’ve by no means imagined this. We didn’t recognise that it could become what it has,” she added.The relaxation of her notice became committed to the director, creator, musicians and lyricists that introduced magic to the display. Of direction, Aamir had a unique mention for her onscreen husband Saeed as properly. Calling him the satisfactory co-famous person ever, she wrote, “Thank you for being the Hamza to my Hala. Hala could’ve been incomplete with out Hamza.”

Aamir made sure to feature a separate paragraph for enthusiasts who count as plenty as her Mere Humsafar family. She wrote, “A huge thank you to all our fans internationally! Thank you to all of the Hanians, Farhanians and Halzas! Thank you on your love, dedication, and support. I could not have performed this without your love! Thank you for every little edit, every Twitter fashion, every comment and every like! Thank you for making every Thursday a party for us! Thank you for constantly supporting me and loving me and believing in me! Won’t assist you to down!”

The farewell became out to be “very tough” for the Suno Chanda actor as nicely. “Goodbye Mere Humsafar, it’s tough, very difficult! But you already know what? Thank you! Thank you for giving me this entire bunch of loopy folks that simply say good matters approximately me and pray for me no matter what! They’re staying with me forever so once more, thank you!” he wrote.Saeed prolonged his gratitude for the ones backstage as “it’s incomplete with out them”. Thanking the female writing the screenplay, he introduced, “While appearing you likely don’t sense it however whilst you see those scenes you comprehend all we are doing is what’s written and that’s what’s connecting people with the person! So, thank you very a whole lot.”

Concluding the giant impact of the serial, he concluded, “I am in Montreal and I have human beings coming to me and praising Mere Humsafar. So, after I say the sector, I imply it! Till the subsequent, your Hamza.”In her meetings and interviews, Jolie has been in particular centered on highlighting Pakistan’s vulnerability to climate change notwithstanding its negligible contribution to global carbon emissions. She advised nations most answerable for the weather disaster to take action and offer support to nations bearing the brunt of it. Previously, Jolie additionally visited Pakistan after the 2010 floods and the 2005 earthquake.

Celal AL

Celal AL, the actor who played the character of Abdul Rehman Alp inside the well-known Turkish collection, Dirillis Ertugrul, flew to Karachi to lead a charity power for the flood victims.

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