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Last month an issue rocked the splendor pageant world. It was alleged via several contestants of Miss USA that this year’s competition and the consequent end result changed into rigged to crown Miss Texas, R’Bonney Gabriel. When Gabriel changed into crowned, instead of her fellow contributors dashing to congratulate her as they typically would, walked off the level instead.

“A lot of the girls felt like it was the enterprise’s plan from the start for R’Bonney to win, no matter who else became competing,” Miss Missouri, Mikala McGhee, told Insider. An investigation has been set up considering that to get to the bottom of the matter. However, a lot to our surprise, any other comparable allegation has come to mild – this time surrounding the 2000 Miss World, India’s Priyanka Chopra.

“I literally went through the equal component at Miss World. I became Miss Barbados,” former Miss Barbados, Leliani McConney shared in an in depth YouTube video that has now gone viral. “The yr I went, Miss India won. Mind you, Miss India had won the preceding yr (Yukta Mookhey), and the sponsor became also ZeeTV, an Indian cable station. Our sashes had ZeeTV on top and then the names of our countries. This could be very familiar to me,” she said inside the video.The former splendor queen went directly to allege favouritism for Chopra during the competition. “Priyanka got meals in her personal room, and he or she got big photos in newspapers at the same time as the other ladies had been bunched collectively on a seaside,” McConney delivered. She also defined how Priyanka turned into allowed to wear a sarong for the duration of a go well with opposition while others have been now not.

“Apparently Priyanka Chopra become the use of a few pores and skin tone cream, to even out her skin tone and it changed into splotchy. I did no longer say it was a bleaching cream, it become a skin-tone cream. It didn’t paintings, her pores and skin become blotchy so she did now not want to do away with her sarong. So at some point of the actual judgment, she is without a doubt in a dress,” McConney said.

She additionally referred to that whilst a contestant can’t be blamed for purchasing unique treatment, she also in my opinion observed Chopra ‘unlikeable’. “My most effective hassle with Priyanka is that mastering her inside the competition, she became just unlikeable. And she is Meghan Markle’s high-quality pal so cross parent,” she stated.Citing different examples, McConney stated, “Priyanka Chopra didn’t even visit rehearsals, and she didn’t visit morning meals. It become delivered to her in her bed. Priyanka Chopra had absolute press calls through herself, that no one else went to. Nobody else within the Asian vicinity, no person else became ever referred to as for these press calls.”

She asserted, “During the contest before she gained, she had these snap shots of her strolling at the seaside. Meanwhile, we’re all grouped together on this sandpit. The designer who designed her robe also designed all of our gowns. Our robes were essentially mini bride robes of her gown. And the robes in shape like crap, through the way. Her robe changed into immaculate.”

McConney stated that when Chopra was subsequently topped the winner, the opposite contestants walked off the stage because of the unfairness. “It became so amazing that they had that harmony… At Miss World, each person knew that Priyanka Chopra become going to win and that it changed into rigged.”The video become additionally shared on Reddit and Indians defended Priyanka for the win. “She is two many years, too late. There become a problem returned then over Priyanka taking Mother Teresa’s call as a dwelling person inside the year 2000. The Indian channels appreciably mentioned it. Except for that one mistakes, she did first rate in all of the different rounds. It become said she made up for that one wrong answer with the overall points. It comes throughout like a sour grapes state of affairs crying foul now, Miss Barbados,” read a comment.

“And then, Priyanka went on to emerge as one of the biggest stars/actors in India and now capturing her shot in Hollywood and this girl is doing youtube. Guess the one who became honestly talented gained,” examine every other.

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