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Many have located love inner Bigg Boss’ residence. It wouldn’t be sudden if celebrities of the modern season too fall for their co-contestants. A love story appears to be brewing as early as the second one week of the truth show. Confessions are being seemingly made in the residence.

In this night’s episode of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ viewers will witness some stunning confessions, fights, and masses of drama! At the begin of the day, Shalin Bhanot confesses his emotions for Tina Datta to Gautam Vig. Later, Gautam teases Shalin in the front of Tina on the dining desk, making him blush and jealous at the identical time. Will the seed of affection obtain among Tina and Shalin? Well, we all will have to watch for the revelation. Amidst all this, ‘Bigg Boss’ will be these days making an statement asking all the housemates to shape two teams led with the aid of Priyanka Choudhary and Nimirit Ahluwalia. The duo, for my part, will act as directors and shoot a video presenting Abdu Rozik. The one whose video is creatively shot and receives maximum likes via the co-contestants receives a special electricity. Which famous Bahu gets most likes and win the special powers will be an thrilling watch!On the alternative hand, Archana and MC Stan lock horns, and in a fit of anger, Archana can be visible throwing a pitcher of water at Stan. Everyone will attempt to intrude between them, but the situation gets out of control.

The nail-biting contest within the ‘Bigg Boss sixteen’ residence has become even more extreme with each contestant putting their high-quality foot ahead to continue to exist and by no means letting an afternoon fall with non-stop entertainment. You can witness this excessive-octane episode this night.Bigg Boss sixteen contestant Shalin Bhanot has disappointed the fanatics of the show after a video of him reputedly disrespecting a physician sent in the house for a checkup has long past viral In the short clip, Shalin walked up to the medico and pointed his finger at him, started wondering him about his qualification. He added that he turned into no longer ‘certified’ enough to treat him and asked for every other person. The way Shalin spoke to the attendant has been disliked by way of many. The video of Shalin talking in a ‘rude’ manner to a doctor sent inside the BB residence changed into shared on-line via the display’s fanatics. He entered the special room, pointed his finger toward the character and stated, “You can’t deal with, you are not qualified for my remedy”. The health practitioner attempted to relax Shalin but he questiond the doctor’s qualifications. He in addition said, “Do you’ve got an MBBS diploma, tell me your qualifications.” Shalin doesn’t allow the medical doctor take a look at up on him and left the scientific room in anger.Social media customers and lovers had been dissatisfied with the way Shalin handled the doctor. Raecting to the video, one social media user said, “Who gave him authority or proper to invite about degree to a medical doctor (sic). Another commented, “y doing this he is disrespecting all medical doctors on this u . S . A . (sic).”Earlier this week, Bigg Boss 16 contestants Shalin Bhanot and Archana Gautam have been seen carrying out a heated argument at some point of a captaincy project. Archana complained that Shalin misbehaved and pushed her, so she demanded his eviction from the house. After deliberation, Bigg Boss discovered Shalin to be guilty and nominated him for two straight weeks. He can’t turn out to be the captain of the residence as nicely.

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