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Defence Minister Khawaja Asif has but one situation for providing apology for the vitriolic remarks he handed whilst pointing at a few female PTI lawmakers for the duration of a joint sitting of parliament on Tuesday: He wishes them to sentence the allegedly misogynist feedback of their leader Imran Khan.

Asif, a stalwart of the ruling PML-N, on July 25 defined the PTI’s lady lawmakers as “leftover ruins. “They are leftover waste. [PTI’s] garbage is left over which wishes to be wiped clean,” he stated while speaking on the floor.

Unfazed by means of a noisy protest by the opposition members and emboldened by the tacit help of treasury benches, Asif, who has a history of passing such feedback, continued his vitriol as he hit returned at a retort with the aid of an competition MP.

“Depraved ladies have to no longer lecture on chastity,” he said, including that the women might play up the “woman card” if he stated some thing extra.On Thursday while the defence minister become allowed to talk in connection with his derogatory remarks after passage of the Pakistan Army (Amendment) Bill 2023, Asif tried to explain his function.He said PTI Senator Ali Zafar on Tuesday objected to the passage of bills, pronouncing that the government became bulldozing the legal guidelines. “I stated the night time when fifty four payments were surpassed in one or two mins [during the PTI rule]; the humans [involved in it] who’ve performed the identical ought to now not lecture us on it.”

“To provide an explanation for this, I made a statement which was not gender precise. Absolutely no longer,” Asif said. He said it became “their” choice in the event that they wanted to peer his remark within the wrong context.

The minister stated with regards to gender equality in the residence, the male parliamentarians by no means protested in opposition to the remarks made against them. “If they declare gender equality then they must tolerate such references,” he brought, sparking a press protest through opposition members.

When Asif become allowed to speak again, he stated the PTI chief had additionally exceeded derogatory remarks towards PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz as well. “I’ll express regret in the event that they apologize for what their leader stated approximately Maryam Nawaz,” Asif stated.

He reiterated that his Tuesday observation turned into not misogynistic.

“I did now not make any observation towards the [PTI] ladies. There have been male parliamentarians sitting over there but they didn’t see that those remarks have been for them as properly,” he said, adding that the comments had been directed together towards the entire competition.

Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani ended the debate with the aid of pronouncing that the minister had clarified his stance. However, the PTI senators walked out of the residence in protest of Asif’s feedback.

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