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India’s batting talisman Virat Kohli stated that a latest run drought had impacted his properly-being and that he have been faking intensity to illustrate that the entirety changed into high-quality.

The big name batsman had additionally shared that he had suffered from melancholy. Now, India’s self-claimed critic, Kamal R Khan aka KRK has put the blame for Virat’s deteriorating intellectual health on the latter’s celeb spouse, Anushka Sharma.

KRK had tweeted, “Virat Kohli is the first cricketer in India who is having a problem with depression. Ye hai end result ek heroine se shaadi karne ka (This is the end result of marrying an actor). She must have put in his head that he is having a melancholy problem.” KRK received flak for his unwarranted announcement. Anushka, however, has now not responded to KRK’s comments.

In 2020, the Sultan megastar positioned a strongly-worded announcement on her Instagram tale after former Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar took a jibe at the couple after Virat’s terrible overall performance. Taking a dig at Sunil, she additionally made it clear that she is fed of being dragged into cricket every time her husband fails to carry out.

“Mr Gavaskar, your message is distasteful is a truth however I would love if you want to explain why you thought of creating one of these sweeping declaration on a spouse accusing her of her husband’s sport. I’m certain through the years you have got respected the private lives of each cricketer at the same time as commentating on the sport,” wrote the actor. “It’s 2020 and things still don’t exchange for me. When will I stop getting dragged into cricket and stop getting used to skip sweeping statements?”Another such mountaineer is Naila Kiyani. Naila is a daughter, a wife and a mother. Naila has no history in mountain climbing. Naila lived an normal lifestyles, following the identical norms as others: reading, starting a profession, getting married and having kids. Others may limit their lifestyles to this, however this isn’t always wherein Naila stopped. This is wherein her real-existence journey commenced. In her first actual strive at mountain climbing K2, Naila became one of the first two girls to climb one of the dangerous peaks in the global.

Unlike Samina, Naila changed into not born at a excessive altitude, however she were given married on the K2 base camp inside the yr 2018. Her love and exuberance for the mountains have been evident when she climbed as much as 5000m to tie the knot. Since then, she has been clean approximately her goals. “I met a few expert high-altitude mountaineers at K2 basecamp, and their tales stimulated me to come to be a mountaineer or at the least check how a ways my body and mind can take me,” said Naila to The Express Tribune.

She started schooling for the project, however quickly after she started out, she realised that she became pregnant. Then COVID-19 came, and her dream of turning into a mountaineer turned into placed on hold for a while. However, this didn’t forestall her. She knew what she wanted to gain: climb the arena’s highest and maximum challenging peaks. In August 2021, Naila, mom of two daughters, determined to leave her six-month-vintage daughter and go for her first day trip to the world’s thirteenth maximum mountain, Gasherbrum-II.

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